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During a whole weekend in May (18-20th of May), the area around Lundagård will turn into giant site of entertainments, where you can find anything from a circus, opera, spex, cabaré and film to other entertainments both for kids, students and adults. You can buy snacks at Snaxeriet, eat delicious food at one of the taverns, listen to the karneval radio, watch your favorite artist on stage, take your little brother to Barnevalen and shop all the karneval merchandise at Shoppen. Last but not least, the event you most definitely don’t want to miss - the karneval parade! The parade, which goes through the center of Lund once on Saturday and once on Sunday, consists out of around a thousand karnevalists who have dressed up, built floats and who’ll put on a great show with the true spirit of student life in Lund. So make sure to get a great spot so that you won’t miss the great costumes and funny parodies!

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